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This message board was started as a response to requests from Owners who wanted to be able to communicate with other Galleon Owners about The Galleon Resort. The intention is that this forum is a place to find someone with whom to split a fishing charter during your week, or compare stories about Exchanges and other interesting experiences, etc. This is not the place for sales or rental advertisements as we cannot allow solicitations on this site.

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trade [Donna Posted on 01/26/2015]

trade wk/ 4/2016 for wk13/2016 [Barbara Spatz Posted on 01/26/2015]

mini lobster week [bert Posted on 01/25/2015]

Need 2015 week 18 or 19 [Connie Liter Posted on 01/22/2015]

Trade week 13 for week 52 [Stephenie Oney Posted on 01/22/2015]

Week 14 or 15 [Sally Frakes Posted on 01/21/2015]

trade [jerry Posted on 01/19/2015]

trade [jerry Posted on 01/19/2015]

Need to swap week 35 for Week 12 [Kathy Balmes Posted on 01/15/2015]

Trade week [Lee Hanselman Posted on 01/14/2015]

Correction - need wk 49 / trade for 2016 winter ft [Christine G Posted on 01/14/2015]

Need wk 49 / trade for float 1/1/15-4/14/15 [Christine G Posted on 01/14/2015]

Week 9 available [Mike Schoenecker Posted on 01/13/2015]
   re: Week 9 available [Lynn DeGrado Posted on 01/17/2015]

Week 41 [Pete Posted on 01/13/2015]

week 8 and 13 [Jack Garman Posted on 01/13/2015]

WK 16 and 23 Avail [Rob Posted on 01/11/2015]
   re: WK 16 and 23 Avail [Diane Godding Posted on 01/11/2015]

   re: WK 16 and 23 Avail [john martin Posted on 01/19/2015]

week 43 Fantasy fest for wk 45 [marcia Posted on 01/10/2015]
   re: week 43 Fantasy fest for wk 45 [Bob Posted on 01/12/2015]

Trade Memorial Day Week [Kathy Broz Posted on 01/08/2015]

Exchange week 43 for either week 9,10, or 11 [Lynn DeGrado Posted on 01/07/2015]

Trade wk 20 [Anthony Griego Posted on 01/07/2015]

Trade Wk 42 for Wk 43 [Kim Bowden Posted on 01/06/2015]

Possible Trade [Frank Posted on 01/06/2015]

Week 12 Available [Robin Posted on 01/06/2015]
   re: Week 12 Available [kerri Posted on 01/11/2015]

   re: Week 12 Available [Kathy Balmes Posted on 01/15/2015]

looking to swap week 18 (D21) for week 17 [Jesse Posted on 01/06/2015]

Trade Wk 21 [Joe Ebbing Posted on 01/04/2015]

Owners Forum??? [Kim Bowden Posted on 01/04/2015]

Tiki Bar Daily Specials [Gerry & Linda Posted on 01/03/2015]
   re: Tiki Bar Daily Specials [Lynn DeGrado Posted on 01/07/2015]

Exchange Fantsy Fest for March week [Lynn DeGrado Posted on 01/03/2015]